A collaboration of Nelson Architects, Ken Robinson, and Richard Sellars and Lyn Russell of Continuum Architecture Ltd, have won three special awards for their concept new ideas in the "Mix It Up Design Competition" for the Peterborough Village community in Christchurch. This local architects' collaboration was awarded most Provocative Concept, for a model of mixed use spaces, inhabitant driven, with flexible and interchangeable functions, dependent on changing requirements; and the Structural Innovation Award featuring adjustable connections to the ground with stiff timber modules above, with services and structure easily accessible and repairable. This was complemented with a Highly Commended Award for Prefabrication, for the linear stackable kit of parts construction method. Overall the concept offers a pattern for inclusive development giving freedom to innovate and connect.

Ken Robinson Architects Ltd and Continuum Architecture Ltd are further developing these ideas of mixed use development based on interest that has arisen from the competition entry, and believe that the key to development of sites such as these is that there are opportunities for combining and joining rather than building individual buildings on separate sites. They see these new principles of interaction, both in buildings and people as particularly relevant to inner city development not just in Christchurch but also in other New Zealand urban environments as well.